AGP Take Down Free Float tube

PMACA Manufacturing

$ 24.95

  • Black anodized aluminum end cap for the AGP takedown kit
  • Fits AGP CF Hand guards: Standard, Long, but not the Micro
  • Stabilizes the tube while the barrel is detached from the rifle
  • Free floats the barrel after tightening
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum from billet
  • Weight: 0.75 Oz
  • Fits 1.5" ID tube
  • Barrel OD max 0.65"

 The AGP Take Down Hand Gaurd Cap Stabilizes the hand guard while the barrel is detached from the rifle, and free floats the barrel after tightening.  In addition it protects the end of hand guard tube from damage.  The assembly entails using epoxy to fix the cap into a carbon fiber hand guard tube.  The cap has been machined to minimize weight and provides a textured surface for optimum adhesion between the cap and the epoxy. 

  • Neither the epoxy nor the carbon fiber tube are included with the cap.

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