PMACA is live, and introducing a lock ring for the 10/22 chassis! August 02 2014

Welcome to the PMACA MFG blog.  Stay tuned for new updates on our products and related information.

Our first products are the third generation of 10/22 chassis that we have been building for the past 3 years.  In addition we have just finished a version which is compatible with the 10/22 AGP takedown kit .

For those who have purchased our Gen 2 10/22 chassis in the past either directly from PMACA or from Kit Fox Defense, we can supply you with an upgrade ring that locks the stock to the chassis.  Just send us an e-mail to please include "10/22 lock ring" in the subject.  Here is a picture of the prototype ring in the assembly, and then at the bottom, the production ring.  The production ring has been Cadmium plated for superior corrosion resistance and galvanic compatibility with the aluminum.  It has a bright finish.  Care should be taken to not grind or sand the ring as the dust is toxic. 


And when it is all tightened down:

 Then the ring can be staked as some do with the AR15 to prevent it from ever coming loose.  This should be considered semi permanent. Since the 10/22 chassis does not have any moving parts in the stock, if the castle nut were to come loose it would not have the same sort of consequences as with the AR15.     See an example for staking the nut on the AR15 from someone who does not know how to use a spring loaded punch: link