Introducing the PMACA 10/22 Carbon Fiber KeyMod Free Float Tube April 07 2017

We are pleased to announce the first availability of the PMACA 10/22 Carbon fiber Keymod free float tube accessory for the PMACA Multi-Chassis.

The PMACA 10/22 Carbon fiber Keymod free float tube is built for the PMACA 10/22 Multi-chassis and incorporates 4 Keymod Mounting rails at the front end of the tube.   The end pieces for the free float tube are black anodized 6061-T6 and precision machined from billet for strength and weight. 

The addition of the KeyMod front end allows for the use of Keymod accessories such as grips, Bi-pods, sling mounts, lights, and other accessories.

Items included:

  • PMACA 10/22 Carbon fiber Keymod free float tube
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Mounting shim

PMACA 10/22 Carbon Fiber KeyMod Free Float Tube


Example Build:


PMACA 10/22 Carbon Fiber KeyMod Free Float Tube

Intorducing the PMACA 10/22 Takedown chassis December 11 2015

PMACA is proud to introduce the PMACA 10/22 Takedown chassis.  This Chassis is compatible with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle, and precision machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum.  The kit comes with two main components, a back half that holds the receiver, and a front half with an integrated Picatinny rail that attaches to the barrel. The standard finish is black anodize for a durable corrosion resistant finish, and then optionally it can then have a custom Cerakote ceramic coating applied to support additional colors.  As with the other PMACA 10/22 chassis, it allows you to use AR15 components to customize your rifle and includes a universal tang for grips, and a lock ring for stocks.


Introducing the PMACA 10/22 Light Weight Chassis and Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube November 07 2015

We are pleased to announce the completion of two new products: a light weight version of the standard 10/22 chassis as well as the Carbon fiber free float tube accessory.

The PMACA 10/22 Light Weight Chassis has the same functionality as the standard PMACA 10/22 chassis, but weighs 4 oz less coming in at 12 oz.  Similar to the standard version, it is a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum precision machined from billet and  anodized.  We have spent extra time machining away extra weight without compromising the strength and durability of the chassis.  If desired the chassis can have a custom Cerakote finish in a number of colors.  The Cerakote ceramic coating provides additional protection as well as offers selection of colors not available with anodized aluminum.

The use of the 10/22 chassis allows you to use AR15 stocks, grips, and a Picatinny rail for accessories such as a front grip, laser or flashlight.

Items included:

  • PMACA 10/22 Light Weight Chassis
  • Universal Tang for grip
  • Lock ring for the stock
  • Hardware
  • 1.75" Picatinny rail

 Example Build:

PMACA Carbon Fiber Free Float Hand Gaurd:

This is an accessory for the PMACA 10/22 Multi Chassis.  It is now possible to construct a rifle with a fixed Ruger 10/22 barrel and this integrated free float tube.  The float tube attaches directly to the chassis and does not restrict the diameter of the barrel.  The machined aluminum end cap provide extra durability and a clean finished look. This Free Float Tube Is NOT compatible with the AGP Take down kit.

Example build:

  • Standard Ruger 10/22 rifle
  • Bull Barrel
  • PMACA 10/22 AGP takedown chassis
  • PMACA carbon Fiber free float tube
  • AR15 Compatible fixed stock
  • Grip

10/22 Chassis Customer Builds October 07 2015

We have set up a blog for pictures of customer builds using the PMACA 10/22 chassis here.  If you would like to share your build, send the pictures and a description to

The descriptions of each build follow the image.

PMACA 10/22 Chassis with Charger

  • PMACA 10/22 Multi Chassis with customer powder coat
  • Hera Folding unit


    PMACA 10/22 Takedown chassis

    • PMACA 10/22 Takedown
    • Stainless Charger takedown
    • Shockwave tube and blade
    • Magpul AFG 2
    • Vortex spitfire

    PMACA 10/22 Multi chassis customer build

    • PMACA 10/22 Multi Chassis
    • Volquartzen tension barrel w/comp
    • Std buffer double tubed for strength
    • Hogue grips and stock
    • Red trigger
    • Red extended mag release
    • Red scope mount
    • UTG QR scope mounts
    • 4-16x AO SCOPE
    • Machined handrail



    PMACA 10/22 longnose build

    • PMACA 10/22 Long Nose Chassis
    • Ruger 10/22 receiver with Kidd Aftermarket Receiver Rear Tang Attachment
    • KIDD 16.5” Ultra Lightweight Fluted Rifle Bull Barrel
    • KIDD Muzzle Brake
    • KIDD Bolt Handle Charging Assembly With Guide Rod & Spring
    • Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor
    • Battle Arms Development Sabertube with Buttstock
    • Daniel Defense pistol grip
    • Weaver Grand Slam 4.5-14x40mm with Ballistic-X reticle
    • DNZ Game Reaper Scope Mount
    • Fortis SHIFT™ Short Angled Grip
    • Atlas Bipod




    •  PMACA Standard Chassis (Cerakote OD Greed)
    •  PMACA 5.75" Picatinny Rail
    •  Hogue overmolded buttstocks
    •  Milspec 6 position milspec buffer tubes
    •  Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle Riflescope, 3-9x40mm (Matte)
    •  UTG medium height rings
    •  ApexHorizon Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod Foldable and Adjustable Height Sling
    • Swivel Stud Mount
    •  Standard A2 grips
    •  Nordic Gap Filler
    •  UTG Tactical Low Profile Rail Mount for Ruger 10/22 Rifle
      • To add Clarke Bull Barrel. Ruger BX 15, 15 round magazines.


    PMACA 10/22 Long Nose Chassis

    PMACA 10/22 Long Nose Chassis

    • Ruger 10/22
    • PMACA Long-Nose Chassis
    • KIDD Ultralight 16.25" Bull Barrel
    • Kineti-Tech 6.5" OBT Shroud
    • ACE SOCOM Stock
    • Hogue Pistol Grip
    • UTG Scout Rail
    • BX-15 Magazine
    • Generic 2-7 Scout Scope w/ Generic Rings (soon to be replaced with a Leatherwood Hi-Lux)










    • Ruger 10/22 50th anniversary edition
    • PMACA Lightweight Chassis
    • KSA 18" bull barrel w/ flutes
    • Volquartsen trigger group
    • Kidd charging handle
    • Daniel defense buttstock
    • Troy battle pistol grip
    • Magpul stub front grip 
    • PMACA Extended rail
    • Bobro engineering QD mount
    • Athlon Argos BTR 1-4x24mm MOA, FFP illuminated scope

    PMACA 10/22 Multi Chasssis

    • PMACA 10/22 Multi Chassis
    • Kidd 16" ultra light barrel
    • Magpul CTR stock
    • SWFA 16x scope
    • ADM 30moa scope ring
    • Atlas bipod
    • Ergo tactical deluxe grip
    • Trigger job 2.5 lbs


    PMACA 10/222 with Ruger Charger and KAK Shockwave Brace

    • PMACA 10/22 Chassis
    • Tandemkross left side charging rail
    • Ruger Charger
    • KAK Shockwave Brace


    • Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle
    • PMACA 10/22 Takedown chassis
    • Lots of other cool stuff


    • PMACA frame and Ruger Charger pistol receiver with Jesse James Cold War Gray Cerakote finish
    • ACP Arms 1022 Takedown Conversion kit with 7.25” SS barrel and carbon fiber hand guard.
    • Ruger Bipod
    • Tasco Pro Point Red Dot Scope 
    • Muzzle Break


    PMACA 10/22 with PMACA carbon fiber handgaurd

    • PMACA 10/22 multi Chassis
    • PMACA Carbon Fiber free float tube


    Quick change between different configurations

    • PMACA 10/22 chassis
    • Ruger 10/22 CHARGER receiver
    • JWH custom bolt
    • Polyurethane buffer
    • JWH Extended Charging Handle
    • KIDD 6" threaded barrel
    • Generic picatinny rail red laser
    • Tactical Innovations Fake Suppressor
    • Generic AR15 Pistol Tube
    • Generic Bi-Pod
    • KAK Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer


    • Ruger 10/22
    • Volquartsen trigger group
    • Tactical Solutions SBX 10.5 Inch barrel
    • SWR Spectre suppressor
    • Mil-spec M4 grip
    • Magpul Moe fore-grip and stock
    • Aimpoint T-1 Micro red dot sight




    Cerakote PMACA 10/22 AGP takedown chassis with free float end cap


    OD Green Cerakote build on the PMACA 10/22 multi chassis  with matching PMACA free float end cap:

    AGP TD kit with:

    Broken down

    OD Cerakote PMACA 10/22 takedown chassis

    And in a case

    PMACA 10/22 AGP takedown chassis with free float and end cap


    A new build from 1911luvr

    Competition PMACA 10/22 chassis for Ruger 10/22

    • Tactical Solutions barrel
    • UTG receiver extension/buffer tube
    • Ultralight MFT adjustable stock
    • Strike Industries Grip
    • PMACA Standard Chassis  ( That got put through the machine twice, kind of matches the end of the barrel)


    From Mr. Simpson:

    Black PMACA 10/22 chassis for ruger with lock ring

    • PMACA 10/22 Chassis
    • Magpul stock assembly,
    • PWS Summit threaded carbon fiber barrel

    Here is a colorful build using a blue 10/22 chassis: Gplank on Rimfire central.

    Blue PMACA 10/22 chassis for Ruger 10/22

    PMACA 10/22 chassis for Ruger 10/22

    • PMACA 10/22 Chassis - Blue Anodize
    • Tactical Solutions .920 bull barrel in purple
    • Ruger receiver
    • Billet machined purple trigger group
    • Butt stock and pistol grip from Cavalry Manufacturing


    PMACA 10/22 AGP Take Down Chassis build from ca18detsilvia
    Reportedly 4.5 lbs without optics.

    PMACA 10/22 AGP takedown chassis with free float and end cap

    PMACA 10/22 AGP takedown chassis with free float and end cap

    • Taccom CF buttstock
    • AGP takedown Kit with 10" CF hand guard and sights Black Cerakote barrel
    • PMACA AGP end cap
    • PMACA Multi Chassis
    • Houge grip 


    10/22 Chassis build in Black from Labratt104 on Rimfire Central

    PMACA 10/22 build in black

    Black PMACA 10/22 chassis for Ruger 10/22

    • PMACA 10/22 Chassis in Armor Black Cerakote
    • PMACA Xrail (5.75")
    • Kidd Classic receiver
    • Kidd bolt
    • Kidd bolt buffer
    • Kidd charging handle
    • Kidd rod and spring
    • Kidd single stage trigger and trigger pins
    • 16.5 inch Fedderson fluted .920 barrel
    • UTG carbine length buffer tube
    • MagPul MOE Carbine stock
    • MagPul MOE-K grip
    • Bipod
    • Extended Height rings
    • Scope


    New Product: 10/22 AGP takedown carbon fiber end cap September 30 2015

    We have added a black anodized aluminum end cap for AGP carbon fiber hand guards to our store.  It fits 1.5" ID carbon fiber tube, and weighs only 0.75 Oz.   It is listed under our 10/22 components section.

    PMACA is live, and introducing a lock ring for the 10/22 chassis! August 02 2014

    Welcome to the PMACA MFG blog.  Stay tuned for new updates on our products and related information.

    Our first products are the third generation of 10/22 chassis that we have been building for the past 3 years.  In addition we have just finished a version which is compatible with the 10/22 AGP takedown kit .

    For those who have purchased our Gen 2 10/22 chassis in the past either directly from PMACA or from Kit Fox Defense, we can supply you with an upgrade ring that locks the stock to the chassis.  Just send us an e-mail to please include "10/22 lock ring" in the subject.  Here is a picture of the prototype ring in the assembly, and then at the bottom, the production ring.  The production ring has been Cadmium plated for superior corrosion resistance and galvanic compatibility with the aluminum.  It has a bright finish.  Care should be taken to not grind or sand the ring as the dust is toxic. 


    And when it is all tightened down:

     Then the ring can be staked as some do with the AR15 to prevent it from ever coming loose.  This should be considered semi permanent. Since the 10/22 chassis does not have any moving parts in the stock, if the castle nut were to come loose it would not have the same sort of consequences as with the AR15.     See an example for staking the nut on the AR15 from someone who does not know how to use a spring loaded punch: link